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RCO joins a coaltion to respond to the amended Blue Box Program Plan 

Amendments designed to transition Ontario's Blue Box Program from the current shared cost model between municipalities and producers to a full producer responsibility model. More

RCO responds to proposed Food and Organic Waste Framework

An estimated 2.3 million tonnes of food and organic waste was sent to disposal in 2015, and the Government of Ontario is taking steps to reduce the amount of material lost to disposal.  More

Minister of the Environment and Climate Change directs Ontario Electronic Stewardship to cease operations by June 30, 2020

The industry funding organization responsible for managing waste electrical and electronic equipment to wind up operations as part of the Waste Diversion Transition Act. More

Professional development in waste auditor training and reporting

RCO offers annual Waste Auditor Training sessions, which are based on a Standard Waste Audit Method that supports development in several key areas. Space is limited. More



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Yearly Diversion:

8.4 million tonnes - Total materials diverted (Canada)

2.8 million tonnes - Total amount diverted (Ontario)

Yearly Disposal:

25 million tonnes - Total non-hazardous waste disposed of (Canada)

9 million tonnes - Total non-hazardous waste disposed of (Ontario)

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Source: Statistics Canada

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