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2015 Annual Policy Forum

Progressing EPR in Ontario: Moving Toward a Circular Economy

Feb 5-6, 2015

Recycling Council of Ontario hosted its Annual Policy Forum in Toronto on Feb. 5-6, 2015. Over 150 delegates came together at The Old Mill to hear local and international experts discuss key extended producer responsibility (EPR) lessons from around the world and learn how these might inform Ontario's waste reduction objectives, and improve our own EPR legislation

Day One provided an opportunity to hear the latest information from the European Union (EU) on newly proposed amendments to its waste directives, as well as the research commissioned to inform these amendments.

Evolution of EPR Policies and Practices in Europe. Lessons Learned, New Directions: Advice to Ontario

Keynote speakers:

Mr. Mathieu Hestin, Director, BIO by Deloitte, Sustainability Services, Paris, France

Ms. Ursula Denison of the renowned German Green Dot system for packaging recycling, Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD)

Mr. Chris Grove, Senior Advisor, Head Office Waste Team for the Environment Agency (EA)

Mr. Christian Holzer, Director General, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, Austria

That evening delegates heard directly from the Honourable Glen Murray, Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, who delivered the keynote address at the reception.


Day Two gathered stakeholders to discuss six key topics on EPR in Ontario in anticipation of upcoming waste legislation.

A Focus on Ontario: Developing Model EPR Legislation

Role of EPR in Waste Reduction Policy

Paul Evans (Deputy Minister, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Monika Turner (Director of Policy, Association of Municipalities of Ontario), Rob Cook (CEO, Ontario Waste Management Association)

Oversight and Compliance

Glenda Gies (President, Glenda Gies and Associates), Ursula Denison

Producer Performance Setting and Monitoring Compliance

Rick Findlay (President, RFCL Innovations Inc.), Vincent Sferrazza (Director of Policy, Planning & Support: Solid Waste Management Services, City of Toronto)

Canadian Competition Bureau

Catherine Hariton (Competition Law Officer, Canadian Competition Bureau)

Competition for Producers

Mark Kurschner (President, Product Care Association), Ken Friesen (Director, StewardChoice), Andrew Horsman (Executive Director, Ontario Tire Stewardship)

Competition for Service Providers

Cindy Coutts (President, SIMS Canada), James Ewles (President, Raw Materials Corporation), Al Metauro (President & CEO Green by Nature EPR)

Managing Change

Andrew Horsman, Monika Turner, Rob Cook

Many thanks to speakers and presenters for sharing their expertise and engendering insightful discussion, and to members and non-members who joined us.


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