Project Description

Policy Response

Submitted Feb. 29, 2016

On Nov. 26, 2015 the Government of Ontario introduced new waste reduction and resource recovery legislation and provincial strategy. If passed, Bill 151, the proposed Waste-Free Ontario Act, will enact the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act and the Waste Diversion Transition Act and repeal the Waste Diversion Act. The proposed legislation is intended to shift Ontario to a circular economy.

RCO EBR Response to Bill 151 – Waste-Free Ontario Act – Feb. 29, 2016 (PDF, 178 KB, 8 pages)

To inform our response to this policy proposal, RCO undertook a comprehensive consultation process, which included legal review, and consultations with members and stakeholder groups from across a variety of sectors. We also convened an advisory committee made up of a cross-section of our membership as part of our analysis. This allowed us to view the Waste-Free Ontario Act from multiple perspectives. RCO also held webinars for members to share details of the Bill and gather their feedback, and provided a draft copy of this response for comment.

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