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Committee Involvement

To sit on an RCO Committee, you must be a member of the RCO.

RCO is fortunate to have a knowledgeable, committed and enthusiastic membership. The contributions of its individual, NGO, corporate, association and government members help make possible RCO's extensive programming and services. That is particularly true of the work done by RCO's committees:

Working committees (comprised of board members only, with the exception of an ad-hoc advisory group to the Policy/Advocacy committee):

1. Executive/Finance (also Nominations)
2. Membership/Communications
3. Policy/Advocacy

Advisory committees (comprised of members at large in addition to board members)

1. Program Development
2. Events

Involvement in a committee is not necessary to have a "say" in what goes on, however. We frequently reach out to members (formally and informally) to comment on policy issues, provide field data/experiences, request feedback etc. Many members participate in small projects or consult with staff on an as needed basis. Many also provide invaluable assistance acting as judges on our awards panel!

Members are very welcome to contact us to discuss what sort of involvement would be most meaningful to them. Please get in touch with Jo-Anne St. Godard, executive director, 416-657-2797 x3 or




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