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RCO is fortunate to have a knowledgeable, committed and enthusiastic membership. The contributions of its individual, NGO, corporate, association and government members help make possible RCO's extensive programming and services. That is particularly true of the work done by RCO's committees. Our committee roster is made up of "working" and "advisory" committees.

Our working committees are comprised solely of board members, (although the Policy Committee may, from time to time, convene ad-hoc subcommittees that could include members at large and/or stakeholders with specific knowledge). These working committees are:

1. Executive/Finance (also Nominations)
2. Membership/Communications
3. Policy/Advocacy

Our advisory committees exist to support the work of the executive director and staff and may include members at large in addition to board members. These advisory committees are:
1. Program Development
2. Events

RCO welcomes all members who are interested in serving on these committees. Please email Lucy Robinson at with your information.




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