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Knowledge Sessions: Procurement - Advancing the Circular Economy Through Buying Power: Oct. 12, 2017

It is estimated that OECD countries spend 12 per cent of their GDP on public procurement. In Canada, with a 1.9 trillion dollar GDP, it spends 230 billion dollars on procurement alone. If each of one of those dollars was tied to a circular requirement we could transition the marketplace and grow wealth while simultaneously reducing environmental impacts. That’s why we organized a gathering of international experts and local professionals that are leveraging procurement opportunities to drive circular economic outcomes.

Knowledge Sessions: Accelerating Circular Economic Behaviour and Waste Reduction in the IC&I Sector: June 8, 2017

To take a holistic view and give a unified voice to the challenges of the IC&I sector, RCO convened an Advisory Committee of individuals and organizations that represent the diversity of the IC&I sector. That committee met over the several months to help RCO better understand the sector to identify barriers to improved performance.

Knowledge Sessions: Implementing the Waste-Free Ontario Act: Supporting the Introduction of the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority: March 2, 2017 

As producer responsibility evolved in Ontario it became clear that a neutral agency with capacity to deliver oversight and enforcement of its programs was necessary to improve performance and accountability. It was also recognized that data deficiencies prevent policy advancements within and outside of producer responsibility regimes.

Knowledge Sessions: Beyond Paper and Pop Bottles: Improving Management of Challenging Materials: Nov.18, 2015

Representatives from institutions and commercial organizations, large and small, shared their perspective on improved performance with materials that have been historically difficult to recycle, and how they are integrated into their operations.

Knowledge Sessions: Ontario's Waste Strategy: Oct. 21, 2015
The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change shared elements of a proposed provincial waste strategy, and a diverse panel of experts from commercial and institutional industries explained the diversity of challenges they face in their operations. 

Knowledge Sessions: Smart Procurement: Reducing Waste Through Buying Power: Oct. 8, 2015
RCO hosted a morning event that offered candid dialogue among panellists and the audience on making purchasing decisions that moves innovation and sustainability forward.

Knowledge Sessions: Defining and Reporting Waste Reduction: Effective Metrics for Better Performance: June 25, 2015
Discussion into best practices for choosing key performance indicators, implementing waste tracking and reporting protocols, and insight about measuring and tracking materials internally for specific sectors. 

2015 Annual Policy Forum: February 2015
RCO hosted a two-day forum that included the latest from the European Union (EU) on newly proposed waste directive amendments, as well as discussions on Ontario's new waste reduction and EPR legislation.

2013 Annual General Meeting and Policy Forum: February 2014
RCO hosted a full day of presentations and discussions focused on the interrelationship between competition law and extended producer responsibility (EPR) policy, as well as  Ontario's proposed Bill 91: Waste Reduction Act.

2012 Annual General Meeting and Policy Forum: January 2013
RCO welcomed government leaders and an expert on European waste management practices to its Annual General Meeting to discuss policy directions for Ontario.

The Economic Benefits of Recycling, February 2012
Andrew Keir (senior consultant with AECOM Canada Ltd.) presented findings from his report: "The Economic Benefits of Recycling in Ontario" at RCO's 2012 Annual General Meeting.

Think Global - Act Local, April 2011
RCO invited a cross-section of high-level speakers to a one-day workshop to facilitate dialogue on the current and future role of municipalities as it relates to waste reduction.

Toward Zero Waste: The Future of Waste Diversion in Ontario, October 2009
The RCO hosted a reception with the Minister of the Environment, the Honourable John Gerretsen, who spoke about the results of the WDA review and future directions of waste management and diversion in Ontario.

Sustainable Packaging Conference, June 2008
The RCO jointly hosted a conference in partnership with Guelph Food Technology Centre entitled “Reducing our Footprint: Sustainability Tools for the Food Industry.”

Wealth Without Waste Forum, February 2009
This two-day forum explored how extended producer responsibility (EPR) can foster competition to minimize costs and maximize environmental benefits.

Scrap Tire Diversion in Ontario Forum, July 2007
This workshop explored the status of tire diversion in Ontario and ways to improve the collection and re-fabrication of spent tires into new consumer products.

Energy from Waste (EFW) Forum, Nov. 2006
RCO hosted an all day Energy from Waste Forum (EFW) on Friday, November 3rd, 2006 that brought together European, Canadian, and Ontario perspectives and experiences.

Dell's E-Waste Take Back Event, Sept. 2006
RCO, in partnership with Dell and The Region of Peel, hosted a free computer drop-off day on Saturday, September 30th, 2006 at each of the Region’s four community recycling centres.

Making Waste History Forum, May 2006
This forum brought together government and industry association representatives to debate, in panel format, Ontario’s challenges in meeting its long term diversion goals.




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