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Waste Reduction Week in Canada 2017

The annual national campaign that celebrates environmental efforts and achievements in waste reduction has wrapped up for 2017. Mark your calendar for 2018 -- October 15 - 21 --  and in the meantime, consider 10 easy take-action tips to reduce waste all year long. More

Knowledge Sessions 2017: Advancing the Circular Economy

RCO is committed to Ontario’s transition to a circular economy, and hosted the series' final forum on procurement as a tool to advance the circular economy. More

5,000 square foot recycling facility opens in Pickering

RCO was on-hand for the grand opening of Veolia's new facility that has the capacity to recycle 5,700 kilogams of bulbs every hour and more than 2 million kilograms every year. With approximately 85 million CFLs sold in Canada every year, this represents another local option  to ensure full recovery of hazardous material. More

Beyond the Blue Box: Ontario’s Fresh Start on Waste Diversion and the Circular Economy 

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario releases report that acknowledges Ontario’s new law is a significant achievement, and calls on government to get serious about making it work by prioritizing food waste and having businesses increase diversion. More



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Yearly Diversion:

8.4 million tonnes - Total materials diverted (Canada)

2.8 million tonnes - Total amount diverted (Ontario)

Yearly Disposal:

25 million tonnes - Total non-hazardous waste disposed of (Canada)

9 million tonnes - Total non-hazardous waste disposed of (Ontario)

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Source: Statistics Canada

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Nov 21 2017
Regional meetings are an opportunity to discuss Module 1 and 2 topics of interest, answer any...
Nov 22 2017
Regional meetings are an opportunity to discuss Module 1 and 2 topics of interest, answer any...
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Coffee pod recycling program would be win-win,...
November 14, 2017
By: Lucy Robinson
As the debate over what to do about coffee pods continues, a Sudbury-based organization for...
If entrepreneurs want to combat food...
November 9, 2017
By: Lucy Robinson
At 2 p.m. on November 4, it’s pencils down. After two days of research, planning, and prototype...
Nova Scotian makes kids clothing out of...
November 6, 2017
By: Lucy Robinson
From plastic bottle to raincoat to plastic bottle again. That's the life cycle one Nova Scotia...

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