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Membership in the RCO is open to all residents and businesses in (and outside!) Ontario. Waste and recycling issues impact us all so we encourage everyone to get involved.

Our members include schools, municipalities, retailers, manufacturers, recycling companies, brand owners and industry associations, libraries, families, individuals and students. Everyone is welcome!

Become an RCO member today and see what differences you can make to reduce and divert waste at work, at home and in your community.

Become A Member

For individuals and organizations seeking to play an active role, involvement in the RCO provides you with a voice on recycling matters in Ontario and beyond.

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Membership Benefits

As an RCO member your membership dollars will be completely directed towards the delivery of our services and programs. Full membership benefits are granted to members in all categories.

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RCO's Newest Members

Our membership year runs from June 1-May 31st, but new members are welcome to join at any time. Here are some of our latest members!

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 Archived Daily Headlines

The RCO has begun archiving their Hitlies the Headlines service. Please find the Hilites grouped together weekly for  your browsing convenience.

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