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Old landfill to recycle materials, serve as pollinator habitat

Date July 31, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories Industry News | Member News | News

Those old shingles workers are tearing off your roof and old wooden pallets left over from shipping materials could soon find a new use, thanks to the big brains at Walker Environmental.

The company already takes all the kitchen scraps and yard waste that Niagara residents put to the curb for the region’s waste contractor and turns it into useful compost at its facility on the Niagara Falls-Thorold border. As well, it runs other renewable energy businesses.

But Walker now has approval from the province’s environment ministry to turn its old east landfill on the border of those two cities into a unique resource recovery area, diverting materials from precious landfill space.

Mike Watt, executive vice-president of Walker Environmental, said there is still some landfill capacity in that section of the landfill but most of the 150 acres is now closed and capped.

“You’ve got lots of space to do all kinds of things,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity.”

The company has launched a new initiative to use the site as a collection point for materials such as waste wood from pallets or railway ties that can be ground up and used for energy production or combined with clay from construction sites and compost to create manufactured soils.

Old shingles will also be collected there and ground up. Watt said Walker is exploring ways to have that turned into asphalt that can be reused for road construction.

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