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Coffee pod recycling program would be win-win, says Sudbury organization

Date November 14, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News | RCO in the News

As the debate over what to do about coffee pods continues, a Sudbury-based organization for adults with developmental disabilities says it might have a creative solution to the problem. The Adult Enrichment Centre is looking to start a coffee pod recycling program to help manage the waste from the single-serve plastic cups, and give their clients meaningful employment. Joanne Bouchard, the director of the centre, says the program would be a win-win for everyone. "Every household, every...

If entrepreneurs want to combat food insecurity, they need to get their hands dirty

Date November 9, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

At 2 p.m. on November 4, it’s pencils down. After two days of research, planning, and prototype testing, the ShareON Design Jam has reached the final pitching stage. Design students, tech entrepreneurs, engineers, and assorted creative types, clustered in groups of four or five, queue up to present their ideas to combat food waste and food insecurity in Ontario. Competing for a top prize of $6,000, six months of free co-working space, and mentorship through PwC Canada, the presenters at...

Nova Scotian makes kids clothing out of recycled plastic bottles

Date November 6, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

From plastic bottle to raincoat to plastic bottle again. That's the life cycle one Nova Scotia fashion designer envisions for her line of children's outerwear made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Tabitha Osler's company, Faire Child, is set to manufacture waterproof raincoats, anoraks, rainpants, coveralls, backpacks and caps for children ages 3 to 10 made out of old polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles that are woven into a new polyester fabric. When they get worn out, the...

Ontario cities say they’re not yet able to process compostable coffee pods

Date November 3, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

Compostable coffee pods may be increasingly available on store shelves but some Canadian cities, including Toronto, say their waste systems aren’t yet able to process biodegradable versions of the popular single-serve java products. The pods and their environmental impact went under the spotlight this week as a Progressive Conservative politician in Ontario introduced a private member’s bill that would, if passed, make it illegal to sell the products unless they are fully compostable....

MPP wants to ban non-compostable coffee pods

Date November 2, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

Ontarians have a bad habit to break when it comes to coffee — and they need some help, says Progressive Conservative MPP Norm Miller. He’s pushing for all parties at Queens’ Park to support a law requiring every single-use coffee pods sold in Ontario to be compostable within four years so they can be tossed into the green bin as soon as the cup of Joe is brewed. The goal is to keep more of the 1.5 billion pods used annually in Canada out of garbage dumps. “Ontario has a waste...

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