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Waste not, want not: Would you wear shoes made of fish?

Date July 14, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

A look at Jamie-Lee Cormier's brightly coloured leather earrings and bracelets reveals something unexpected: the leather has scales. That's because it's made with Newfoundland cod leather. "Everyone's always really amazed when they see it," said the crafts producer who sells her products online." Jamie-Lee Cormier makes bracelets from cod leather and seal skin. (Jamie-Lee Cormier) Though it may seem weird to Cormier's Canadian customers, fish leather has been making a splash on...

Disrupting the disrupters — Tesla faces the challenge of the mini-fluorescent

Date July 10, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News | RCO in the News

One of the bulbs in a pair of matching lights died last week and we were trying find a replacement. It was one of those coiled mini-fluorescents, and all the spares in the assorted-light-bulb box were too long and protruded from the fixture. But a trip to the local grocery store offered a surprise. Despite a wall of shelves our bulb was not there. In fact, as far as we could see there were no compact fluorescents available at all. Bright idea The occurrence offered a reminder about...

Blue bin battle: How Toronto is fighting to keep your recycling garbage-free

Date July 7, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

You know that paper Tim Hortons or Starbucks coffee cup? It’s not recyclable in Toronto. It’s garbage. Who knew, right? From coffee cups with wax linings to black plastic (including bags), bed sheets to car parts, and even dead pets – they’re all items wrongly thrown into Toronto’s recycling blue bins each year. In fact, a quarter of all things sent to the curb to be recycled shouldn’t be there, according to city figures. Sorting the garbage from the recycling costs millions of...

Urban Resourcing Group and Lush Cosmetics recycle ocean plastics

Date June 29, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories Member News | News

Urban Resource Group Inc., a Toronto, Ontario-based affiliate of Canada Fibers Ltd., announced successful collaborative trials with Lush Cosmetics, Vancouver, British Columbia, involving recycling of ocean plastic into cosmetic containers.In late 2016, Lush delivered plastic collected from a six-month long, volunteer-led ocean cleanup project to Urban Resource Group's plastic recycling facility in Toronto. Urban Resource Group took on the challenge of converting the mix of plastic into a...

How does municipal waste collection affect climate change?

Date June 29, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

Researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid suggest a new methodology to assess the environmental impact of the containers used for the collection of urban waste. An inappropriate design of a container system might unnecessarily aggravate the impact on the environment when collecting and transporting urban waste. This is the major conclusion of a team of researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid after carrying out a systematic evaluation of the urban containerization...

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