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Nude food

Date October 10, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

The letters glazed on the large shopfront window promise something most grocers don’t typically offer: food in the buff. This is Nu, Ottawa’s first zero-waste grocery store, where virtually everything on offer comes stripped of packaging, or naked as the name suggests in French. Inside the airy 1,700 square foot space, you’ll find display cases of fresh fruits and vegetables, with no cling wrap, Styrofoam trays or spools of plastic baggies in sight. A wall of shiny stainless steel...

Don't weep for these willows: Iconic Burlington trees live on … as furniture

Date October 10, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

A pair of massive and iconic weeping willow trees in Burlington that were decimated by rot will live on, with their clippings replanted across the city and their massive trunks repurposed for furniture. The two trees stood near the gazebo at Spencer Smith Park on Lake Ontario for 70 years, but were cut down last summer, after arborists found "significant rotting and areas of decay" inside. Now, the city is auctioning off 15 wood boards carved out of the massive trunks of those trees, so a...

Spurn the straw, says Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority

Date October 6, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

The Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority is joining campaigns across North America to spurn the straw. “Saying, ‘No,’ to a straw is really a small thing that most people shouldn’t miss,” waste diversion specialist Heather Taylor said Friday. “Have we forgotten to be able to lift our drink to our mouth? They did it for hundreds of years.” Plastic straws are not recyclable. One of the messages of Waste Reduction Week, Oct. 16 to 22, is to not use straws and if you really like...

Too much of Ontario’s waste is going to landfill: enviro watchdog

Date October 4, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories Industry News | News

The old adage may be “waste not, want not,” but Ontario’s environmental watchdog warns the province’s waste diversion efforts are wanting. “Ontario has a waste problem; every year, Ontario produces nearly one tonne of waste per person and three-quarters of this ends up in landfills,” Environmental Commissioner Diane Saxe said Wednesday. Much of that can, and should, be diverted, said Saxe, who noted that far too much food waste and other organic material is ending up in...

Tackling food and commercial waste key to Ontario’s waste-free future

Date October 4, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories Announcements | Industry News | Member News

Toronto, October 4, 2017 - Ontario has a waste problem. Every year, Ontario produces nearly one tonne of waste per person, and three-quarters of this waste ends up in landfills. The new Waste-Free Ontario Act sets an ambitious goal of a circular economy that sends zero waste to landfill. A special report from Dianne Saxe, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, examines the new law and strategy and what the province needs to do next.Released today, Beyond the Blue Box: Ontario’s Fresh Start...

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