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Ontario government aiming to keep organic waste away from landfills

Date October 2, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories Industry News | News

From coffee grounds, to leftover fettuccine alfredo, to the slimy, brown head of lettuce forgotten at the back of your fridge, the Ontario government is aiming to keep all organic waste away from landfills. It’s an ambitious target for a province that generates nearly 12 million tonnes of waste a year – more than 850 kilograms per person – and only recycles about a quarter of that amount. If improvements aren’t made, the province’s landfills could run out of capacity within the...

Would you buy this ‘ugly’ carrot?

Date September 29, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

It’s supposed to be an ugly food market, comprised of fruits and vegetables that have been rejected by stores and supermarkets. Yet there’s nothing ugly about it. Some bell peppers are a tad wrinkly and others aren’t red enough; a few carrots are misshapen and the baby potatoes are too small. But overall, the food looks scrumptious. This market — it’s actually one of 50 installations at EDIT: Expo for Design, Innovation and Technology open to the public at 21 Don Roadway until...

It’s All About the Chain, Gang: Procurement the Link to Sustainable Supply Chains

Date September 26, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

We are transitioning to a low-carbon, circular and inclusive economy. The latest arrival to the party is the procurement department — and none too soon, given the mammoth challenge ahead to make global supply chains sustainable and ethical. If you’re looking to fill your procurement cart with insights on tackling the challenges, read on for information about two tools and a city with a supply chain vision. There is now an international standard to guide sustainable procurement: the ISO...

City looks to boost recycling collection

Date September 19, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories Industry News

Sault Ste. Marie’s curbside recycling has been a little stagnant during the past couple of years and plans are underway to re-engage households. Susan Hamilton Beach, director of public works and transportation, said the city has been fairly consistent, or perhaps on a slight downward trend, with the tonnage of recyclables collected with the curbside program over the past two years. Statistics show that in 2016, 5,026 tonnes of residential recycling was collected. The city has inked a...

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