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Policy / Advocacy Committee

The Policy/Advocacy Committee will consist of RCO Board members and the Executive Director. Members and other stakeholders may be asked to participate in any ad-hoc advisory groups to the policy committee from time to time to lend their knowledge and expertise.

Function of the Policy Committee:

  • Set priorities for RCO policy development
  • Coordinate current policy manual
  • Provide "policy corner" updates for the website
  • Inform general membership and the public on RCO policy
  • Recommend policy communication strategies and next steps
  • Recruit ad hoc committee members
  • If interest in ad hoc committee is extensive (approx. 50 people), initiate policy forum
  • Review ad hoc committee policy report and recommendations for the Board
  • Recommend draft policy to the Board with background ad hoc committee report
  • On an "as needed" basis, at least two policy committee members will convene via conference call with the Executive Director regarding policy inquiries from media

The Policy Committee will attempt to meet at least four times per year, in preparation for the next or following Board meeting.

Policy Ad Hoc Advisory Group(s)

Policy ad hoc advisory group(s) will be made up of RCO members. The number of individuals in the group may vary depending on the issue and the level of interest, however ad hoc advisory groups will have multi-sector representation. Issue experts outside of the RCO membership may be brought in for information purposes only.

Function of the Policy Ad Hoc Advisory Group(s):

  • Review Federal, Provincial and Municipal legislative initiatives on behalf of the Board
  • Review documents produced by other organizations relevant to the areas of interest of the organization
  • Develop policy information report (using standard template and RCO Guiding Principles)
  • Recommend positions & policies on issues relevant to the development of waste reduction, reuse and recycling and other pertinent activities as directed by the Policy Committee

Ad hoc advisory group meetings vary according to the requirements and deadlines of the policy priorities under review.




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