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- National Solid Waste Benchmarking Study
- Reporting Requirements for Single-Use Batteries
- Food Waste Pilot Project
- ICI Waste Reduction Committee


RCO designs and runs short-term projects in response to member and market needs. A project may occasionally be expanded into regular programming. Otherwise, project research and final reports, and other tools are made available to stakeholders as a means to promote best practices across all sectors.

IC&I Waste Reduction Pilot Project

Recycling Council of Ontario, Club Coffee, and Loblaw have initiated an innovative project with large facilities that have high consumption of coffee to evaluate the feasibility and success of separating and compostable single-use coffee pods.

Waste Reduction Initative

Walmart Canada and Recycling Council of Ontario are partnering to develop new innovative waste reduction initiatives that will divert and find new markets for recovered materials as part of a multi-year agreement to reduce in-store and customer waste. 

Standardized Reporting Requirements for Single-Use Batteries

RCO and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Group are working to develop a common definition for battery recycling; and establish a methodology to calculate recycling efficiency rate (RER) of battery recycling.

National Solid Waste Benchmarking Study

This study is designed for organizations that own or manage buildings in Canada, and aims to collect data and inform office and retail businesses about their waste diversion and reduction performance.

This pilot, funded by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, will examine opportunities for municipalities to leverage CRD waste planning and diversion through their permitting processes.

Zero Waste Community Event Toolkit Project

This toolkit is being designed to provide event organizers (and host municipalities) with information and resources to minimize the amount of waste generated at community events.

Reusable Bag Shopper Loyalty Project

With the help of Sault Ste. Marie retailers, this customer shopper loyalty program is testing which reward and/or disincentive programs foster a permanent change in shopper behaviour.

Ontario Plastic Bag Reduction Task Force

In May 2007, the Ontario Plastic Bag Reduction Task Group was formed to respond to a government initiative to reduce the number of carry-out plastic bags distributed in Ontario by by 50% by 2012.

Fluorescent Lamp Stewardship Program

This pilot demonstrated how the recycling of fluorescent lamps reduced mercury in the environment and captured all materials inherent to lamps for secondary markets.

Greenhouse Gas & Recycling

This report on how recycling can positively affect greenhouse gas emissions was compiled as part of the Canadian Government’s Action Plan 2000 on Climate Change.

Let’s Climb Another Molehill – An Examination of Construction, Renovation & Demolition (CRD) Waste Reduction in Canada & Associated Greenhouse Gas Emission Impacts

In 2006, RCO partnered with Government of Canada to examine the composition, generation and management practices of construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) wastes.




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