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RCO's Newest Members

Highlighting the Newest Additions to the RCO Membership Base

This list reflects those members who have joined with us in the past few months. You will find more information about them in the RCO's e-Directory - and clicking on their name will take you to their website.

New Members Month Joined
Jonathan Mills Apr 2018
Canadian Battery Association Apr 2018
EcoBusiness Network Apr 2018
Kimberley Glassford Feb 2018
Holt Renfrew Feb 2018
Gina Barrera Feb 2018
Integrated Environmental Waste Services Jan 2018
Materials Management Corp Jan 2018
EGAR (Eco Glass & Aluminium Recovery) Jan 2018
University Health Network Jan 2018
Bruce Power Dec 2017
Ryerson University Oct 2017
Canadian Beverage Association Sept 2017
reTHINK Resource Sept 2017
Mohit Gogi Sept 2017
Austin Merricks Sept 2017
Ontario Mattress Recycling Sept 2017
Derek Johnson Aug 2017
The Brick July 2017
Mike's Auto & Salvage July 2017
Municipality of Wawa July 2017
University of Western Ontario June 2017
Smart Recycling Consultants June 2017
Tania Clerac March 2017
Envision Tech March 2017
EnvironFocus February 2017
Strategy Matters February 2017
Adidas Group November 2016







































Note: For privacy reasons, the RCO does not publish the names or contact information of any of our members who sign up as Individuals.





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