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Standardized Reporting Requirements for Single-Use Batteries

Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) aims to develop a common set of reporting requirements that includes definitions and measurement methodologies to enable it to monitor the performance of all programs that manage single-use batteries, equitably and consistently, and within the requirements set under the Waste Diversion Act.

WDO objectives:

  • Develop a consistent recycling efficiency rate (RER) calculation across all programs
  • Review of the definition of recycling, and, if necessary update its definition

Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) has been engaged by WDO to facilitate the work of an Advisory Committee (AC) to review, discuss, and gather feedback to support the development of these reporting requirements. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Group has also been retained by WDO to draft the standard based on the discussions of the AC, which is a cross-section of battery processers, Industry Funding Organizations, and manufacturers.

In its role as facilitator, RCO also developed a technical document to provide background and context to support the discussions of the AC. Independent experts will review the draft standard and provide recommendations before the standard is finalized. WDO will use the final recommendations to update its policy document: Data Requirements for Monitoring the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Waste Diversion Programs in Ontario, as appropriate.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Project management, providing research and preparing background materials, and managing stakeholder consultation; 
  • Facilitates stakeholder dialogues through an Advisory Committee; 
  • Identifies stakeholders for the AC and independent peer reviewers; and 
  • Chairs AC meetings.

CSA Group:

  • Oversees the process to ensure it follows best practices, supporting the consultations; 
  • Facilitates  online peer review process for the draft document; 
  • Prepares a summary of all comments received during the peer review process; and 
  • Prepares and delivers  recommended final standardized reporting requirements document to WDO.


  • Observes the process; and 
  • Provides information for the Advisory Committee as needed.

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