Municipalities in Ontario that have more than 5,000 residents are responsible for providing curb side collection of recyclables. Currently in Ontario there are in the region of 150 programs. Some services are provided by the local municipal government, and some services are provided by the “upper tier” or regional government (e.g. Region of Peel provides services to the residents of the Cities of Mississauga and Brampton and the Town of Caledon). If you would like to find recycling and waste management information for your specific area, please refer to the Municipal list on Stewardship Ontario’s website.

Residents are also encouraged to get involved with local grassroots initiatives such as Green Communities to improve their neighbourhoods environmentally, socially, and economically.

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Reducing waste at work is not only the environmental thing to do – it also makes good economic sense. Often implementing a waste reduction strategy can reduce the amount of materials that companies pay to send to disposal, thereby reducing garbage disposal costs.

Implementing a waste diversion program is mandatory for businesses that fall under the criteria of Regulation 102/94. Although this regulation is specific to larger sized businesses, the standards that it requires can and should be followed by smaller businesses as well. Regardless of size, introducing a comprehensive waste diversion program can assist businesses in reducing their wastes and costs.

How can businesses start? Consider 3RCertified, RCO’s points-based certification program for buildings that reviews how organizations manage solid waste reduction and diversion operations. In doing so, buildings will:

  • Have a third party waste audit of your facility completed
  • Develop a waste diversion plan using the waste audit data
  • Find a waste reduction/recycling service provider that will support the implementation of your waste reduction plan

Waste and recycling in your school: Schools and educational institutions are also obligated to comply with recycling regulations.

Resources for educators: More resources for teachers and students are available from Waste Reduction Week in Canada.

Other resources: