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The Problem With Plastics

It's convenient, it's cheap, and it's everywhere. And that's what makes plastic such a tricky issue. The federal government has now decided a ban on single use plastic is part of the solution. But what about the rest of it - that even after decades of recycling programs, are still piling up around the globe? The Agenda discusses solutions to this problem. Featuring: Jo-Anne St.Godard, Executive Director, Recycling Council [...]

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Plastic Action Centre Launches to Inform and Foster Calls to Action

Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) has launched the Plastic Action Centre (PAC), an online resource that provides tools as well as market information and regulatory details by province and topic to address plastic waste. Funded by Walmart Canada, the PAC specifically organizes information by plastic types, technology and innovation and production, among categories. Visitors also will be able to submit questions to PAC, which will be answered by a panel of [...]

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10,000 Changes: Canada’s commitment to rethink plastics

It's clear that Canada has a plastic pollution problem. While plastic has become an everyday convenience in so many ways, we are only now beginning to understand its lasting impacts on our environment and health. That's why Canadian Geographic and Recycling Council of Ontario have partnered to launch Canada's commitment to rethink plastics through 10,000 Changes, an innovative plastic engagement program funded by the Government of Canada. 10,000 Changes [...]

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The Power of Government Procurement to Accelerate Circularity

As seen within the National Post and at Worldwide, governments spend $2 trillion annually on goods and services, which comprises a significant portion of international trade. In Canada  public procurement is valued at $200 billion annually, which represents 15% of our GDP with 80% taking place provincially and municipally. All levels of governments have public policy objectives to support positive economic, social, and environmental outcomes. Taxpayers also expect prudent [...]

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