Project Description

Health care facilities have significant impacts on the communities they serve in the three key pillars of sustainability: environment, economic, and health.

Forward-thinking organizations embrace sustainability as a way to improve the environment of care while lowering operating costs. These measures, especially those that are designed to improve energy, water, and waste management, have direct return on investment.

Greater efficiency and cost savings are then applied to the most important priority: patient and client care and security.

To support sustainability and resiliency efforts by health care organizations, the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care and Recycling Council of Ontario are collaborating to deliver a series of free educational webinars for sustainability health care professionals across Canada.

Take Back the Light

Lifecycle Approach to LED Lighting and Cost Savings: Using Purchasing to Drive Waste Reduction

On Tuesday April 24 we highlighted why organizations should recycle mercury-containing lights, how health care facilities can drive waste reduction through procurement, along with other key topics.

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