Presenting Sponsor

In Canada, public sector procurement is valued at $200 billion annually with 80 per cent taking place at local government levels. Federal, provincial, and municipal interests are beginning to recognize purchasing influence and opportunity for collaboration to advance key public policy objectives:

  • Reduce service and product costs through efficiencies

  • Drive low carbon economies

  • Create jobs by growing local and small business sectors

  • Expand and strengthen social enterprises

  • Eliminate waste

  • Minimize liability

  • Simplify asset management

Circular procurement is a practice that will advance the circular economy, which focuses on the full value of goods, services, public works, and infrastructure investments. It also has the potential to fulfill economic (cost savings), environmental (low-carbon; waste reduction), and socio-economic (social enterprise; unique public and private partnership) interests simultaneously.

To advance the circular economy domestically, Recycling Council of Ontario hosts featured experts from around the world that recognize the strength and value of purchasing power to change markets, along with Canadian representatives from all levels of governments and their agencies, as well as suppliers and vendors, to share knowledge and resources, showcase best practices, and network.

Advisory Committee

To help devise a fulsome agenda for this groundbreaking event RCO has convened a diverse panel of organizations to advise on topics and identify engaging speakers.