Cuno van Geet
Senior Policy Advisor
Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Cuno van Geet advises the Government of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management on procurement, and how to use the power of purchasing demand to advance strategic policy, sustainability, and economic objectives. His expertise is how to translate these objectives into practice through collaboration and commitment to supporting a circular economy.

For more than 15 years his focus within sustainability was on energy and climate; in the last 10 years he has shifted toward procurement, resources, and the circular economy. Circularity is of particular interest for procurement because it relates to the core business of suppliers and procurers. It provides new opportunities to collaborate within the chain and create new value from the reuse of resources, and delivers on sustainability and economic objectives. The Netherlands have initiated a series of pilots to test various models and collect valuable lessons to share with other jurisdictions to help them create their path toward greater circularity.

Keynote presentation: Buying the Future We Want, Today