Jodi Houston
Program Manager

Jodi Houston, Program Manager for Take Back the Light, has been educating and influencing  the public sector on how to use their buying power to shift the market to producer responsibility. Since 2010 she has been working to ensure proper end-of-life management of mercury-containing lights so materials are captured and reused where possible to create a closed-loop system. In doing so, Jodi is helping to ensure fair competition and open markets while advocating for the protection human and environmental health. Circularity has become a passion for her where she most recently developed, in partnership with the City of Toronto, Considerations for a Circular Procurement Framework, which is designed to give public buyers a starting place on their journey towards a circular economy.

Take Back the Light is Canada’s leading light recycling program for businesses and institutions, and provides a simple, low-cost opportunity to have fluorescent lamps and light fixtures recycled responsibly. With up to 98% recovery of bulb components, Take Back the Light is dedicated to protecting human and environmental health, showcasing participant leadership, and driving a circular economy. Using a free-market approach the program allows for lamp suppliers to provide value-added services to their clients while exemplifying environmental leadership.