Mark Hidson
Deputy Regional Director
Global Director, ICLEI’s Sustainable Procurement Centre

Mark Hidson is the Deputy Regional Director of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and the Global Director of ICLEI’s Sustainable Procurement Centre.

Mark worked for 20 years for local, regional and national governments and been at the forefront of policy and strategy development on sustainability issues such as procurement, climate change, and transport. He is currently focusing on ICLEI’s Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement and the Procura+ European Sustainable Procurement Network. Mark thinks public procurement can be a catalyzer for growth, jobs, and innovation, furthermore it can provide access to markets for SMEs, gain the trust of citizens in public authorities and democracy, sustainability, and social cohesion. It is a key mechanism to address greenhouse gas emissions, local air and water quality, the use of hazardous substances and raw material usage.