Richard Corley
Cleantech and Outsourcing

Richard Corley is a partner at Goodmans and leads the firm’s Cleantech and Outsourcing practice groups. Richard has over 25 years of experience advising clients on complex procurements, joint ventures, cleantech and other technology-related matters.Richard is widely acknowledged as one of Canada’s leading technologyand outsourcing experts and he has led the procurement, negotiation, implementation, renegotiation and resolution of disputes in many of Canada’s most complex transactions. He pioneered the use of standardized tools and real time issue resolution to facilitate the agileprocurement of complex service relationships.

Richards practice complements his personal interest and involvement in energy innovation. He is a member of the board of the Building Energy Innovators Council (BEIC), a founding director of Canadian Institute for Exponential Growth (which organized the SingularityU Canada Summit), a director of the Canadian Technology Law Association and a director and faculty of the Centre for Outsourcing Research and Education. Richard was named a member of Canada’s 2016 Clean50, a program honouring leaders who are advancing the cause of sustainability in Canada.