Tina Iacoe
Manager of Procurement

Tina Iacoe is the Manager of Procurement for the City of Hamilton. She has been working in procurement for nearly 30 years, with 19 of those years working at various municipalities in both Ontario and British Columbia. Tina has her CPPO and CPPB accreditations as well as an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Tina currently serves as the President of the Ontario Public Buyer’s Association. She has previously held the positions of Director of the Principles Program, OPBA Treasurer, and Vice President. Tina teaches various Principles of Effective Public Purchasing Certificate courses on behalf of the OPBA and in 2012, authored the new Principles chapter “Introduction to Construction”.

In her public procurement experience, Tina has worked on many large and complex projects, many of which were consultancy and construction related. In June, 2018 Tina kick-started social procurement at the City of Hamilton and to date, continues to lead her staff to procure projects that challenge the norm and bring about social change.