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Mercury, Lamps, Recycling, and Retrofits


To support sustainability and resiliency efforts by health care organizations, the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care and Recycling Council of Ontario are collaborating to deliver a series of free educational webinars for sustainability health care professionals across Canada.

Procurement: Advancing the Circular Economy Through Buying Power


The objective of the Knowledge Sessions series was to introduce and expand on the concepts and applications of the circular economy, and make the connections to how this model supports waste reduction and resource efficiency through a series of outcomes.

Accelerating Circular Economic Behaviour and Waste Reduction in the IC&I Sector


To take a holistic view and give a unified voice to the challenges of the IC&I sector, RCO convened an Advisory Committee of individuals and organizations that represent the diversity of the IC&I sector. That committee met over the several months to help RCO better understand the sector to identify barriers to improved performance.

Implementing the Waste-Free Ontario Act


Waste-Free Ontario Act established the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) with clearly prescribed mandate, role, and responsibility.

Ontario’s Waste Strategy


As part of its ongoing commitment to the environment, the Government of Ontario is looking to improve waste reduction by revamping legislation supported by a long-term strategy that includes a full regulatory review including a introduction of regulated and voluntary measures.

Smart Procurement: Reducing Waste Through Buying Power


Improving environmental performance and reducing costs are two pivotal objectives for any organization. By instituting an effective procurement program, organizations can choose products and packaging that are simple for customers, tenants, and management to manage; at the same time, leverage commodity values, drive down costs, and reduce liability.