RCO 40th Anniversary: $50 Donation

//RCO 40th Anniversary: $50 Donation

RCO 40th Anniversary: $50 Donation


We are gathering friends, colleagues, and peers you haven’t seen for years, and we have combed through 40 years worth of contacts for our invite list.

Staffers, Members, Directors, Funders, Regulators, Ministers of the Environment: some have more girth and less hair; most are like a fine wine that’s gotten better with time; some still in the industry; others moved on.

However, everyone has a common trait: influence on our work.

Please join us so we can make good company, share old stories, and make new memories.



In lieu of fixed ticket pricing we kindly ask you make a donation to support our work. Since 1978 we have been Ontario’s leading charity solely dedicated to waste reduction and recycling. Protecting the environment has never been as important as it is now and the work has only just begun.

Tax receipts are available on request. Email accounting@rco.on.ca.